Official Photographer Creates the Next Vegas Icon

The City of Las Vegas has many icons. However, it has yet to host an iconic photographer. Christopher Cashak, a popular photo artist, intends to be the first.

Las Vegas is known for its icons. The “entertainment capital” of the world is is home to many notable musicians, stage performers, magicians, dancers, competitive poker players, athletes, etc. These iconic figures have built the city’s image for celebrity and spectacle. However, Vegas has yet to be known as home for a great visual artist- particularly a photographer. Photographers of significant notoriety are usually based at major media hubs like Los Angeles and New York. Showcasing renown photographer talent will increase the city’s clout as a world-class metropolitan. Today, Christopher Cashak, a professional photographer and media entrepreneur, takes the role as “Official Photographer of Las Vegas”.

The President of the United States is photographed by millions of people during public appearances. However, he still designates an official photographer. This single person is charged with the duty of capturing the President at his best. These official pictures are specifically designed to contrast less flattering photos taken by non-professionals. Las Vegas is similar, with tourists photographing the city on an amateur basis daily. Like the President, Christopher Cashak argues that Vegas can benefit from an official photographer which captures the city at its best and perpetuates the image for the world to see.

In recent years Las Vegas experienced an economic decline. Christopher Cashak attributes this, in part, to the wave of amateur photographers combing the Vegas strip- in particular the nightclub circuit. Mr. Cashak asked: “Why would people visit a city with half-drunk, underage college kids taking horrible pictures of them for some unknown website?” He added that Las Vegas’ reputation has suffered from these low quality images being distributed on the internet. “Vegas deserves better. I will redefine the role of a photographer, set the new standard and revitalize the image of Las Vegas,” said Christopher Cashak.

Who: Christopher Cashak
What: Christopher Cashak, the Official Photographer of Las Vegas, creates the city’s next icon.
When: Now
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Why: The Official Photographer of Las Vegas will revitalize and luxuriate the image of the city.


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