Christopher Cashak Completes First Year with NS13 Events

Last year event production company NS13Events hired Christopher Cashak as their exclusive nightlife photographer. Today, they celebrate a successful twelve months of partnership.


NS13Events, based in Scottsdale, reports on the local nightclub scene in addition to producing its own events. In January of 2009, the company exclusively hired Christopher Cashak to photograph the area’s nightlife parties. Through Mr. Cashak’s lens and NS13Events’ website the company has broadcast the excitement of Scottsdale’s scene and highlighted current hot spots. Today, the two parties celebrate their successful business partnership over the last year.

Axis/Radius and Suede Lounge are two Scottsdale nightclubs Christopher Cashak photographs every weekend for NS13Events. Pictures include local party-goers, disc jockeys, go go dancers and celebrities. The photos are published on

Christopher Cashak was selected for his widely praised photography work. He also has a positive reputation with patrons and workers in the Scottsdale nightlife scene.

Reflecting on the last year, Christopher Cashak said: “NS13Events has really made a name for themselves over the last year. In year two I’m going to help them take it to the next level.”


Who: Christopher Cashak and NS13Events
What: Christopher Cashak completes one year as exclusive nightlife photographer for NS13Events.
When: January 28h, 2010
Where: Scottsdale, Arizona
Why: NS13Events seek to feature the best Scottsdale party spots through Christopher Cashak’s photographs.


NS13Events is a Scottsdale based production company. They have created fashion shows with notable names like Ed Hardy in addition to other nightclub events. NS13Events is part of a media group that includes the Rockstar Model Agency, Dirty Boutique and Rising Sun Entertainment.


Christopher Cashak is Scottsdale’s self declared “Official Nightlife Photographer”. His career started at Axis/Radius Nightclub and currently spans more than five years.

From humble beginnings as a drop-out to photographing high-profile celebrity events, Christopher Cashak is an Arizona success story. His photographs are published world-wide. They show Arizona’s beauty and the excitement of Scottsdale. Christopher Cashak turned nightlife photography into an art form that helped shape Scottsdale’s glamorous image.


Omega Sunfire PR is a Scottsdale, Arizona based firm. The company specializes in public relation duties for fashion, entertainment and media companies. Recently, the company expanded into representation for celebrities.


Jonathan Wilshire
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