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Christopher Cashak Becomes The Official Nightlife Photographer of Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s most recognized nightlife photographer, Christopher Cashak, came from lowly and adverse beginnings. His success story would lead to the Scottsdale scene where his photographs helped to build the city’s glamorous image.


Unlike many in Scottsdale, Chrisopher Cashak was not born into wealth and privilege. He is the son of a janitor and public school teacher. At the age of 13 he dropped out of school. However, Mr. Cashak would not let circumstances or adversity hold him down. He went on to graduate with an associates degree at age 18 and finished a bachelors at Arizona State University by 20. He did not study photography in college but pursued it as a hobby. In 2004, Christopher Cashak started his own professional photography business. He worked in several photography disciplines, including fashion, glamor, landscape and nature. Mr. Cashak’s photographs were published in renowned local, national and international magazines, newspapers and websites. Read the rest of this entry »

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